What's in the Box?

    Tuesday's Jackpot £240

    Join Jon on Breakfast and guess 'What's in the Box?'

    Wrong Guesses so far include:

    Ash Tray, Back Scratcher, Bamboo Toothbrush, Batton, Candle Stick, Coat Hanger, Coctail Stick, Chess Piece, Chip Fork, Chopstick, Clothes Peg, Coaster, Coat Hanger, Corkscrew, Curtain Fixing, Cutlery Tray, Dice, Door Stop, Drumstick, Egg Timer, Furniture Knob, Jewellery Box, Knife Box, Letter Opener, Letter Rack, Mallet, Maracas, Meat Skewer, Mug Tree, Nail Brush, Pencil, Pencil Pot, Pepper Mill, Photo Frame, Plack, Plant Cane, Potpourri Bowl, Printer Cartridge, Pull Cord, Recorder, Rolling Pin, Ruler, Shoe Horn, Spatula, Spice Rack, Tea Chest, Teapot Stand, Toilet Roll Holder, Tray, Walking Stick, Wicker Basket, Wooden Spoon

    Congratulations to our previous winners including:

    Matt harris from Camels Head who won £200 for guessing we had a Christmas Ball Ball in the box

    Julia from Ivybridge who guessed it was a plastic bag sealing clip and won £910

    Walter won £220 for guesing we had a Smoke alarm in the box.

    Jon has put a random object in a box but can you guess what it is? Each day after 8am Jon will open the phone lines for your chance to ask a question or have a guess. Choose your question carefully as Jon can only answer YES or NO. Think you know what it is? Then have a guess! Jon will let you know when the phone lines open and close and you can call the studio on 590590. Guess correctly and you win the cash.

    Our prize fund starts at £50 and is increased by £10 for everyday the item isn't identified. 

    Sponsored by our friends at Plymouth Market. Find out more about them here



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