What's in the Box?

    Tuesday's Prize Fund £130

    Join Jon on Breakfast and guess 'What's in the Box?'

    Wrong guesses include: Cabbage, DAB Radio, Parsnip, Pen, Phone Case, Potato Masher

    Jon has put a random object in a box but can you guess what it is? Each day after 8am Jon will open the phone lines for your chance to ask a question or have a guess. Choose your question carefully as Jon can only answer YES or NO. Think you know what it is? Then have a guess! Jon will let you know when the phone lines open and close and you can call the studio on 590590. Guess correctly and you win the cash.

    Our prize fund starts at £100 and is increased by £10 for everyday the item isn't identified. 

    Sponsored by our friends at Plymouth Market. Find out more about them here



    • Forder Valley Road - Plymouth, Devon

      Heavy traffic on Forder Valley Road near the Forder Valley Interchange. Travel time is four minutes.

    • Albert Road - Plymouth, Devon

      Albert Road busy but moving near the Naval Base.

    • Dolvin Road heading into Tavistock - Tavistock, Devon

      Usual slow traffic on Dolvin Road heading into Tavistock near Vigo Bridge.