Episode 16 - ADHD Assemblies, cash for Trevi House and The Daily Sparkle

    The Sunday Supplement

    Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 - 23 minutes

    Sam chats to Jade Sutton on her battles with ADHD - coming out the other side - and helping others. Laura Fraser-Crewes is back with some good news for Trevi House, after winning £400,000 of Government funding. And The Daily Sparkle wins a prestigious business award.



    • Forder Valley Road - Plymouth, Devon

      Very slow traffic on Forder Valley Road near the Forder Valley Interchange. Travel time is four minutes.

    • Plymouth Road - Tavistock, Devon

      Plymouth Road busy but moving between the Town Hall and the Armada Roundabout.

    • Torpoint Ferry - Devonport, Devon

      Waiting times of up to ten minutes and.3 ferries running on Torpoint Ferry between Devonport (Devonport) and Torpoint (Torpoint).