WATCH: Twin sisters create and perform song for NHS workers

    Poppy and Sasha Saltha spent their evenings and weekends working on it

    Twin sisters from Plymouth have written and recorded a song, thanking NHS workers for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic. 

    15-year-olds Poppy and Sasha Satha, who are currently continuing their Plymouth College studies at home, have used their evenings and weekends to write and record the song. 

    Sasha said: "The message we wanted to get across was just how much gratitude we have for the NHS workers who are fighting for us all every day. The main message is just how grateful we are as a nation." 

    Poppy and Sasha's mum, Vanessa, said she is incredibly proud of the pair and hopes that the video will be seen by health workers across the country, especially since they have witnessed the pressure they are under.

    "One of the pictures in the music video is of our family friend, who just looks shattered, and you really see the toll it takes," she said.

    "We hope it's a way to lift their spirits even on a small scale."

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