Plymouth family turn their home into the colours of the rainbow in support of NHS

    The family in Ernesettle have completely transformed their house amid the current coronavirus pandemic

    A family in Ernesettle have transformed the outside of their home into the colours of the rainbow during the coronavirus lockdown.

    Mum, Rebecca, and her two daughters, Cerys and Kiera, were inspired by images they saw online of other people hanging pictures of rainbows in their windows in support of NHS staff - but they wanted to take it an extra step further.

    The girls spent nearly four hours chalking each brick on the bottom half of their house. They have also filled every window with rainbow themed pictures and "thank you to the NHS" signs.

    Cerys and Kiera said they wanted to do something that people would notice.

    Rebecca told Radio Plymouth that they love the reaction they receive every time someone walks past:

    "Lots of people have commented, we're on a main route to the local woodlands so lots of people get to walk past and see.

    "It's nice when you're sat in the garden and you can hear the children look and notice and get excited.

    "We're also on a bus route so we know the bus drivers can see it when they drive past too, so lots of people get to see."

    Rebecca explains how else they have been keeping busy during this time:


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