Plymouth pub owner says lockdown has been 'particularly difficult'

    Zena Bateman from the 1620 Pub & Eatery opened her doors to the public just three months before restrictions came into force

    When lockdown was first introduced, many businesses both in Plymouth and across the UK did not know the impact it would have on them.

    That was certainly the case for local pub owner, Zena Bateman, who says she would be "very grateful" for more support from the Government.

    Zena runs the 1620 Pub & Eatery on Notte Street and she started business there just three months before lockdown started.

    She told Radio Plymouth that it has been difficult for them, like it has been for many others:

    "It certainly wasn't something that I factored into my business plan!

    "Certainly we have had a little bit of support from the Government, but for us it has been particularly difficult because we are so new.

    "If there was anymore support we would be very grateful, but I do understand that there are lots of other businesses that need support."

    1620 stands in the site of the former Notte Inn, which was completely transformed inside and out when Zena took over.

    Running her own pub/eatery has been her dream for many years and she hoped when 2020 began she would be able to reap the benefits of the Mayflower 400 year, but unfortunately that has not happened:

    "When I named the pub the whole idea was to have a name that fitted in with the local history and then of course, with the benefits of 2020 coming up it was just fantastic with timing, although obviously that was not to be.

    "We were obviously expecting a lot of American visitors and of course, they're now not coming.

    "It would be nice to see things postponed for the city as a whole, it would be a great thing for Plymouth."

    But Zena says that despite the difficulties they have faced in lockdown, they have been very lucky since restrictions have eased:

    "People are really enjoying our products and what we're trying to do here, what we're selling.

    "We're particularly concentrating on food that we're cooking in house and we're very proud of our service as well.

    "I think that we just need to grow our client base further, so hopefully more people will come in and try us.

    "The hope is to get out there and reach as many new customers as we possibly can and just to keep going.

    "We're working so hard, striving to grow our base and to welcome everybody in."

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