Plymouth City Council insists 'exciting plans' are afoot for Devil's Point pool

    Image credit: Plymouth City Council Facebook

    A petition to save the pool has collected over 2,100 signatures so far

    Plymouth City Council is reassuring residents about the future of the tidal pool at Devil's Point. 

    The free to use pool is normally accessible all year round but has been out of action due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    The local authority say due to the fact that they were concentrating on their core services, cleaning of the pool did not happen.

    As a result, it got filled with seaweed, stones, grit and sand and a mini sea-bed formed too.

    Unhappy residents put together a petition to save the pool, which has now amassed over 2,100 signatures.

    They say that it is an "important part of our local history and heritage" and that it is "only a matter of time until the pool becomes a risk to public health".

    The Council say they will resume the usual cleaning operation - subject to COVID restrictions - but add that they have 'exciting plans' for the pool.

    They say that its future preservation is part of a bid they are submitting for grant funding and that this could include strengthening some of the deteriorating concrete.

    We've been made aware of some worries about the future of Devil's Point Pool, so thought we'd clear a few things up. ...

    Posted by Plymouth City Council (Official) on Friday, September 25, 2020


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