Plymouth charity's appeal to help "old, battered and broken" stray cat

    Busted Billy is currently at Gables Dogs & Cats Home after years surviving in the wild left him undernourished and covered in fleas

    A local charity is appealing for help to fund the specialist care needed for an old stray cat.

    Busted Billy arrived at Gables Dogs & Cats Home after spending many years fending for himself in the wild.

    He was initially thought to be around 9 years old, but due to the horrendous state of his teeth and poor body condition the charity believes he is closer to 14 years old.

    Despite receiving food from residents in the area, his health has sadly been neglected.

    After a veterinary examination he was found to have bad teeth (including fractured canines), conjunctivitis and tatty, filthy ears. He is also suffering from muscle wastage (atrophy) all over his body and head, leaving him weak and lethargic.

    He has also been diagnosed with diabetes, meaning he will need daily insulin injections for the rest of his life. It is estimated it will cost Gables £1000 for his ongoing care and treatment.

    While many may have given up on a cat this age with so many health issues, as a genuine non-euthanasia charity Gables believes that he deserves a chance at a happy life.

    Even though they are currently struggling financially due to the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, they are determined to help Busted Billy begin to regain his strength and start the search for his forever home.

    If you can help to ease Gables financial burden by making a contribution to 'Busted Billy's Appeal', please call 01752 331602 or visit to donate online. 

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