People of Plymouth reminded to "do the right thing" this weekend

    Plymouth City Council say bars and pubs were brilliant last weekend, but it cannot be a one-off

    People planning to go out in Plymouth this weekend are again being reminded to do the right thing, observe social distancing and keep safe.

    Last weekend, local police say the public were "generally well behaved", as people ventured out to pubs for the first time in months.

    Plymouth City Council say there will be extra patrols from the PARC team this weekend and police will also have additional resources patrolling.

    The council’s youth team will also be working with young people in and around the Hoe and Barbican. Taxi marshalls will also be on hand.

    Council leader Tudor Evans said:

    “Our bars and pubs were brilliant last weekend. They kept a close eye on how people behaved and were incredibly conscious of making sure people observed social distancing.

    They helped make the police’s job a lot easier. But last weekend cannot be a one-off. This is what going out looks like for the foreseeable future.

     “Businesses are doing all they can to keep people safe, the police are doing all they can and we, too, are also making sure we keep the Barbican and waterfront clean and tidy.

     “It’s up to those enjoying a night out to observe social distancing, follow instructions from bar staff or police officers - they are not asking you to do something to annoy you, it’s about keeping you - and the rest of the city - safe.”

    The toilets opposite the Tourist Information Centre and in Elphinstone car park are free as are the temporary toilets at Vauxhall Street car park, near the Three Crowns.

    There will be staff emptying bins up until 8pm and a crew will be on standby. Extra bins have also been installed at Vauxhall Street car park.

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