Government urged to recognise South West as four-county region

    Sir Gary Streeter MP has written to the Prime Minister

    Pressure is being placed on the Government to recognise the South West as a four-county region. 

    Local conservative MP, Sir Gary Streeter, has written to the Prime Minister urging that the region should be recognised as a solid bloc.

    Mr Streeter, with the backing of several MPs, is requesting that the South West is recognised as a county made up of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. 

    When questioned why this is important Mr Streeter stated:

    "I want this to happen now so that we get the investment now and the coherence now and that is what we are calling for."

    His decision to act now was prompted by the Government's plans to delay any new commitments until the impending White Paper on Devolution. He says there is some uncertainty about what the South West actually is: 

    "Is it the seven counties from Cornwall to Gloucester including Bristol? Is it Devon and Cornwall? We have never been really clear throughout my entire parliamentary career.

    "This is an attempt by local authorities, business community and local enterprise partnership and MPs to put some more coherence into this situation so that we can lobby government more effectively."

    Sir Gary thinks the change will make investment here easier: 

    "We all know this is a fabulous region and a wonderful place to live but it can be better still if we can get the infrastructure investment that we are calling for from Government."


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