Driving lessons in Plymouth resume after lockdown

    A series of safety measures are in place to protect students and instructors

    Driving lessons have resumed across England, after being given the green light to do so from 4 July. 

    Lessons had to stop when the country went into lockdown, affecting the country's 40,000 driving instructors and their students. 

    Practical tests set to restart on 22 July.

    A number of measures are in place to protect instructors and students. All vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned with antibacterial cleaning products between students. 

    Instructors are encouraged to wear personal protective equipment, such as masks and gloves throughout each lesson. Students can also wear a mask too. 

    There will not be any handshaking and air conditioning will not be used. 

    Pupils will be contacted ahead of their lesson, to ensure they do not have any coronavirus symptoms. 

    LISTEN - Local driving instructor Brian Davies, from Day-Viss Driver Training Academy: 

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