General Election 2019

    On 12th December 2019, Plymouth will go to the polls in the general election. 

    There are three constituencies that cover Plymouth: Sutton & Devonport, Moor View and South West Devon. 

    Clips from candidates are being aired during Radio Plymouth's weekday news bulletins and below, you can find a list of candidates in all three Plymouth constituencies. 


    Plymouth Sutton & Devonport

    Rebecca Smith (CONSERVATIVE)

    Why Rebecca wants your vote:

    Luke Pollard (LABOUR)

    Why Luke wants your vote:



    Why Graham wants your vote:


    James Ellwood (GREEN)

    Why James wants your vote:


    Ann Widdecombe (BREXIT)


    Why Ann wants your vote:


    Plymouth Moor View

    Charlotte Holloway (LABOUR)

    Why Charlotte wants your vote: 


    Sarah Martin (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)


    Why Sarah wants your vote:


    Johnny Mercer (CONSERVATIVE)

    Why Johnny wants your vote:


    Ewan Melling Flavell (GREEN)


    Why Ewan wants your vote:


    South West Devon

    Sima Davarian (LIBERAL DEMOCRATS)


    Why Sima wants your vote: 


    Ian Poyser (GREEN)


    Why Ian wants your vote:


    Gary Streeter (CONSERVATIVE)

    Why Sir Gary wants your vote:


    Alex Beverley (LABOUR)

    Why Alex wants your vote:




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