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    What's Christopher Biggins' missing word?

    Wrong Guesses so far:

    A: Accidents, Acting, Action, Ad-Lib, Ad-Hoc, Ad-Libbing, Anarchy, Animals, Anticipation, Anxiety, Apprehension, Arguing, Auditions, Autonomy.

    B: Banter, Bedlam, Bickering, Blagging, Bluffing, Blips, Bloopers, Blunders, Bother, Brain Work, Brains, Bull

    C: Cast, Calamities, Cancellations, Catastrophes, Celebrities, Chance, Chances, Changes, Changing, Chaos, Chemistry, Children, Choice, Choreography, Clangers, Clothing, Clowning, Cock-Ups, Coincidence, Comedy, Communication, Commotion, Compromise,Confusion, Consideration, Consternation, Contemplation, Cooking, Corpsing, Costumes, Creativity, Crew.

    D: Danger, Debate, Delays, Deliberations, Deviation, Dialogue, Difference, Dillydallying, Dithering, Digressing, Directing, Direction, Disagreement, Disagreements, Disarray, Disasters, Discombobulation, Discussing, Disorder, Disorganisation, Disruption, Diversity, Doing, Doubt, Drama, Dramatics, Dreaming, Downtime, Duplication

    E: Editing, Effort, Energy, Errors, Excitement, Expense, Experience, Experimenting, Expertise, Extemporary

    F: Faffing, Fans, Farce, Fate, Flamboyance, Flaws, Flexibility, Fluke, Fooling, Forgetfulness, Forethought, Fortune, Freedom, Freedoms, Freestyling, Frivolity, Frustration, Fun, Funds, Fuss, Fussing, Fudging.

    G: Gambling, Gas, Glamour, Glitches, Gobbledygook, Grief, Guessing, Guesswork, Guidance, Graft, Grafting

    H: Haggling, Hamming, Happenstance, Hassle, Havoc, Hazards, Help, Hesitation, Hiccups, Hilarity, Hitches, Horse play, Hullabaloo, Humour

    I: Imagination, Improv, Improvisation, Improvising, Impulsiveness, Incidents, inconvenience, Information, Improvision, Ingenuity, Ingredients, Initiative, Innuendo, Insight, Interaction, Interruptions, Intuition, Invention, Issues

    J: Jesting, Jocularity, Joking

    K: Kerfuffle, Kidding, Know-how, Knowledge

    L: Laughs, Laughter, Leeway, Life, Lines, Logic, Love, Luck, Luggage, Lunacy

    M: Magic, Malarkey, Manage, Management, Managing, Manpower, Mayhem, Meetings, Mess, Messing, Mishaps, Mistakes, Mithering, Money, Movement, Mystery

    N: Negativity, Nightmares, Nonsense, Notice, Nerves

    O: Opportunity, Organisation, Organising.

    P: Palava, Pandemonium, Panic, Panicking, Panto, Pantomime, Paperwork, Parting, Partying, People, People realise, Performing, Planning, Play, Pointless, Possibilities, Posturing, Practice, Pranks, Precision, Preparation, Pressure, Pretense, Privacy, Probing, Problems, Procrastinating, Productions, Props.

    Q: Quandary. Quibbling

    R: Range, Reality, Rehearsal, Rehearsals, Rehearsing, Relationships, Relaxing, Repertoire, Research, Resources, Respite, Retakes, Revisions, Rigmarole, Risk, Room, Rubbish, Rules, Rushing

    S: Scheduling, Science, Script, Scripting, Sense, Seriousness, Setbacks, Shenanigans, Shilly-shallying, Shopping, Shouting, Showbiz, Shows, Silliness, Sketch, Skill, Slapdash, Slapstick, Space, Speed, Spontaneity, Spontaneous, Squabbling, Stand-Up, Stoppages, Stopping, Stress, Stuff, Stupidity, Surprises, Shenanigans, Structure, Substance

    T: Takes, Talent, Talking, Tears, Technique, Tempers, That, Things, Thinking, This, Thought, Time, Time wasting, Timing, Tolerance, Tomfoolery, Tosh, Touring, Travel, Travelling, Trials, Trickery, Trouble, Twaddle

    U: Uncertainty 

    V: Variety, Vision, Volounteers

    W: Wackiness, Waffle, Waffling, Wastage, Whimsy, Wig, Willpower, Winging, Words, Work, Worry, Worrying, Wrangling, Writing

    Y: Yapping, Yearning


    Congratulations to our past winners:

    Jo Symons from Milehouse won £150 by correctly guessing Phillip Schofield's missing word 'Portfolio' Hear the moment here:

    Melita Bowers from Tamerton Foliot won £1830 by guessing Julian Clary's missing word 'Withering'. Hear the moment here:

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