Richard Gunton

    I'm pleased to have been on team with Radio Plymouth since it's launch. As a Plymouth lad I grew up in Elburton with two ambitions; to become as successful in business as Richard Branson and to host my own radio show on local radio. 

    I grew up listening to Plymouth Sound and spent hours, from the age of 7, recording and sending demo tapes to everyone who I thought may give me a break. Some years later I was fortunate enough to get my break into radio in New Zealand where I lived for a number of years. Home was always the West Country so I returned to Devon and am now thrilled to be a part of the Radio Plymouth family.

    When I'm not here at Radio Plymouth I enjoy running my own New Zealand Immigration company, sending the good people of Plymouth and the UK over to a new life in New Zealand.

    Fair to say, I have achieved my ambitions and continue to do so! Live the dream! Altough I'm sure Richard Branson isn't at all worried.

    On My Saturday Afternoon Show: -

    The GUNTON's GIG GUIDE: Each hour on my show I'll be giving you my very own gig guide, a number of great local acts, where they are, when they are on and you should go see them!

    My LOCAL LISTEN: If you are a local band, always super keen to hear from you, please get in touch



    • Torpoint Ferry - Cornwall, Devon

      Waiting times of up to 30 minutes and two ferries running on Torpoint Ferry between Devonport and Torpoint.