Recycle for Rewards

    Recycle for Rewards with the Mount Batten Watersports and Activity Centre!

    If you are a School or Business in the Plymouth area then Mount Batten Watersports and Activity Centre want you to recycle your old clothes and accessories in exchange for credit to spend on sports activities at the Mount Batten Watersports and Activity Centre. For every 30kg of items collected you will receive £18 to exchange for activities at the centre. 

    You will need to register your details below and we will arrange collection bags and posters to be displayed within the your location. 

    Check out the list below of the items that we can and can't recycle.


    Mount Batten Watersport and Activity centre, which last year celebrated its fifteen year anniversary, providing watersports and activities to the local and wider community, had previously been run as a not-for-profit Centre.

    Successfully meeting the criteria governed by Charity Law to enable the Centre to become a Charity, the Centre has always in its sixteen years of operation considered the ‘advancement of education’ and the ‘advancement of amateur sport’ at its core and ‘to promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of specific areas of study, skills and expertise.’ 

    The Centre also satisfied the criteria of ‘public benefit requirement’ – as one of the leading Watersports and Activities Centres in the South West, the Mount Batten Centre provides activities, courses and programmes that both individuals, clubs and event organisers greatly benefit from.

    Click HERE for more information about Mount Batten Watersport and Activities Centre

    Mount Batten Watersport and Activities Centre will be working in association with Genie Recycling and all funds raised will be donated to Mount Batten Watersport and Activities Centre.